Vibration Feeder

The Vibration Feeder Conveyor is designed to settle cases prior to closing and producing a dense and uniform distribution for bulk fill products. This space saving unit allows for maximum compaction in the least amount of time. Powered by two eccentric vibratory motors the Vibration Feeder Conveyor produces a smooth motion that is fully adjustable. Fully customizable,  and easily integrated into any packaging system, the Vibration Feeder Conveyor is perfect for bread and bakery products, weigh and filling systems, powder and granule products, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, and many other products.

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  • Adjustable Motor Vibration
  • Adjustable Table Height
  • Conveys Across Horizontal Surface (no surface pitch)
  • Unattended Operation
  • Sanitary Design Ideal for Food Applications
  • Mild or Stainless Construction
  • Customization Available

Standard Specifications:

  • Motor Vibration: Adjustable
  • Length: 36″
  • Width: 28″
  • Height: Adjustable