Injection Molding 

Box Fill System

The Injection Molding Automated Box Fill System is comprised of two individual conveyor units (an incline conveyor and a powered roller and gravity transfer conveyor ), a microprocessor base control panel and non-pneumatic, electric motor that all come together to create a complete fill system that works harder… and smarter.  This hassle-free design reduces labor, can run lights out unattended operation, and eliminates costly manual calculation errors.  The intelligent HMI interface offers complete operating system control, and is easy to operate – simply enter the number of molded parts per shot and the number of parts per box, and the system does the rest for you, including the math!

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  • Portable, Two-Piece Fully Automated System with Stand Alone Incline Conveyor for Independent Use
  • Energy Efficient – 71% Energy Savings over Traditional 480v System
  • User-Friendly, HMI Interface with Complete Operating System Control
  • Lights Out, Unattended Operation
  • System Tracks and Stores Total Parts and Case Fill Counts
  • Customization Available for Length & Width
  • Multiple Upgrade Options Available Including Count-by-Weight, Voltage and Multiple Line Integration from One Common HMI Interface

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Standard Specifications:

  • Electrical: 110v, 15 Amp Service
  • Max Case Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Footprint: 65″ x 232″ (complete system)
  • Case Size: Varies
  • Speed: Variable Speed
  • Rate: Varies