• Easy changeability of metering beds and belts. Including storage for a spare metering section under the machine
  • Low power motors with standby features saves cost on energy
  • Recipes for different products makes change over a breeze
  • Stainless steel conveyor frame with stainless steel components
  • Belt flush with frame without side rails
  • Belt supported on stainless steel rails with clip-on UHMW wear strips
  • Three (3) lanes, each configured with four (4) Staging Zones. This arrangement allows for greater speeds and increased throughput
  • Composite bearing housings with stainless steel inserts and Stainless-steel drive and idler shafts

Standard Specifications:

  • Touch screen interface
  • Grace port for computer power and ethernet connectivity
  • 3ph voltage indicator
  • Mini-Slider-Bed (MSB) indexing belts, 12” wide x 18” long, 3 lanes to 1
  • Manual adjustable Vertical belt diverters, 200 FPM 
  • ½ Hp, 480V/3/60 severe duty, inverter rated shaft mounted gearmotor mounted at discharge end
  • Belt speed – 200 FPM at 60 Hz (variable speed through STI control panel), 42” wide Intralox merge belt
  • Elevation – 36” horizontal w/ Stainless steel leg supports with leveling pads (±2” adjustment)
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