Slider Bed Conveyor


  • Drive: End drive, side-mounted
  • Motor: 230/460-60-3 PH, SEW Eurodrive
  • Bed: 18” wide x 4” deep x 12 gauge steel formed box channel bed
  • Drive pulley: 4” diameter with 1-1/4” shaft at bearings, machined crowned fully lagged
  • Tail Pulley: 4” diameter with 1” shaft at bearings, machined crowned
  • Belt: PVC-120, black, with clipper lacing standard. Other belts available
  • Speed: 65 FPM constant standard. Other speeds and variable speeds available
  • Guard Rail: Angle type “a” (facing inward) both sides
  • Supports: Adjustable type, floor supports or ceiling hung
  • Finish: All normally painted parts are powder painted grey
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