Pallet Dispenser

The Pallet Dispenser is an auto-loading dispenser that can be loaded to run an entire shift unattended. Multi-directional output can effectively streamline your palletizing operation and save space with a compact and simple design. Able to dispense a wide range of pallets (CHEP, wood, plastic, etc.), the pallets can be loaded short-end or long-end first for convenience and will auto-center to maintain organizations and presentations.  Customization is an option and we offer a full line of pallet conveyors to compliment your Pallet Dispenser.
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  • In-line Auto Loading
  • Automatic Self-Centering
  • Load Pallets with Long or Short Edge Leading
  • Unattended Operation with Stack Light Alert
  • Discharge in Any Direction
  • Turn-key Package with PLC Programming
  • Safety Guarding and Controls

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