Conveyor Accessories

Case Indexer

Case Pusher

Case Stop

  • Maximum pressure accumulation so the next box is in place as the downstream case exits
  • Pneumatically operated
  • Fastest option for case indexing
  • Completely guarded to eliminate pinch points
  • Flow controls for fast and smooth operation
  • Different stroke lengths available upon request
  • Keep one case in a specific location
  • Pops up in between rollers
  • Pneumatically operated
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Conveyor Guard

Vertical Belt Diverter

Stack Height Guard

  • 7GA construction
  • Stops fork lifts from damaging conveyors
  • Available with Ultrasonic sensor to detect if forklift is present.  This is to stop machine operation while forklift is placing pallets on the conveyor.
  • Plows products gently to one side or off the belt
  • Great for merging products
  • 7GA construction
  • Keeps forklift operators from loading the pallet dispenser
  • Back stop to allow for fork lifts to square up loads as a set prior to setting the load on the conveyor
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Power Belt Transfer

  • Lengths up to 32″ long to bridge gaps
  • Different widths available
  • 1/4″ nosebar
  • Slave driven or motor driven
  • Adaptable to all makes of conveyors
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