Custom Fabricated Parts

Our in-house laser parts division builds custom steel parts to meet many different customer requirements.  Sheet metal is first cut on our CNC laser, accurate to 0.003″ (the average diameter of a human hair), and then bent on our CNC folder.  Our machine shop ensures that parts are accurately fabricated to exact custom specifications. 

Manufacturing begins at the quoting process, where our engineers rapidly estimate costs and design parts for customers.  We are well-equipped to field questions and adapt to meet customer requirements.  Our robust, efficient fabrication system allows us to quote, build, and ship orders in the time it takes other companies to deliver an estimate.

• Welding

• Precision Laser Cutting

• Deburring

• Assembly

• #4 Finish (Glass Bead Finish available Summer 2016)

• Short lead times, RAPID quotes

• Prototype and Production Runs

• Quality Inspection

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